The Wilds!

DB Wilderness Photography is a website showcasing photographs from different regions of wilderness within the United States. These photos are compiled and placed into book format. This site is ever changing, growing, and improving; adding new states and territories as content is developed. Check back periodically for more additions as this project is a work in progress, growing steadily and gradually.

Completed projects so far include "South Dakota - Badlands, Custer State Park, Mt. Rushmore, and Scenic, South Dakota", "The Rocky Mountains - Wildlife, Mountains, Cabins and Mills", "Alaska - Talkeetna to Hurricane Gulch", "Colorado - Walden to Aspen", "Arizona - Desert Wilderness", "Western Colorado", "The Tri-States (Wyoming, Colorado & Utah)", "Great Horned Owls of Western Colorado" and "Atchafalaya Swamp - Louisiana". Click on the appropriate link to get a preview of any area you're interested in.

So, ORDER a copy for yourself, a friend, or family member and enjoy the GREAT OUTDOORS from the comfort of your own home. Experience Wild Alaska, Colorful Colorado, Stunning South Dakota, The Rockies, Utah, Wyoming, Montana, the Bayou country of Louisiana, and lots and lots of wildlife without fear of bear attacks, rattlesnake bites, or alligators eating you... Order a copy today, I'll do the legwork!!.

SOON!! This website will have incorporated the ability for you to purchase framed photos. The frames are of quality wood, handcrafted by the photographer, Dave Brown .


I'm always looking for ideas on places to go and see. If there's some place you've been that's relatively remote with wildlife, send me an e-mail.